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Sun System Protection: new products

Philip Martin's has added three new products to its Sun System Protection sun care range, dedicated to the well-being of our body and hair: Fiji refreshing tanning water, Kauai protective hair gel and Maui refreshing and nourishing body gel.

The products are inspired by the natural beauty and unspoiled charm of tropical islands and feature delicate, refreshing fragrances with exotic, summer notes that bring the mind back to beautiful white beaches and crystalline water.

Let's discover together the characteristics and properties of each of the products:

Fiji Refreshing Tanning Water

Fiji is the refreshing water that gives relief and well-being, ideal for face, body and hair.

With a complex of active ingredients, Fiji provides instant freshness during sun exposure and helps to intensify the tan, leaving the skin on the body refreshed, moisturised and soft. Fiji Refreshing Tanning Water does not contain any sun protection factors, so to protect our skin from sunburn and sun damaging effects, it should be used in combination with a sun protection product.

Before application, shake the spray bottle well. Spray Fiji Refreshing Tanning Water over face, body and hair several times during sun exposure.

Kauai Seawater and Chlorine Protection Hair Gel

Kauai is the ideal gel to protect our hair from stressful factors such as chlorine and salt water. Especially during the summer period, hair risks becoming weaker, more fragile and dull. Kauai protecting gel, rich in functional active substances, forms a real barrier on the hair and so, helps to preserve the structural integrity keeping the hair healthy, beautiful and shiny.

Just apply the right amount of product to the hair, if needed re-applying Kauai during sun exposure.

The convenient 75ml format makes it suitable for all types of travel and needs.

Maui Refresher and Soothing Gel

Maui is a refreshing and lenitive gel formulated with Aloe Barbadensis and Peppermint Oil. Suitable for all skin types, it provides comfort, hydration and a long-lasting feeling of well-being to skin exposed to stress and external factors such as sun, wind and salt.

Maui is also ideal as a calming product after depilations or shaving.

Apply the product to the areas concerned and massage until completely absorbed.

Do you know the other products of the Sun System Protection range?

We talked about them in the previous article "Beauty Rituals: The Suns".


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