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The benefits of Avocado Oil

Improvement of skin elasticity, deep nourishment and protection from sunlight. Avocado oil is an extremely valuable ingredient for skin and hair: this is the reason Philip Martin's includes it in some products. Let's find out which ones and why.

Philip Martin's products that contain Avocado Oil

Thanks to its great benefits and amazing properties, Philip Martin's has chosen to include Avocado Oil in the formulations of some products:


Sun Spray SPF15 Medium Protection

Moisturising and protecting while stimulating the tanning is possible. The SPF15 sun spray releases biological oils on the face and body skin, nourishing and protecting whilst leaving it deeply hydrated and supple. The outcome? A golden and intense tan. Read more.

Ice Gel

Strong Fixing Gel

A shaping, strong fixing and quick drying gel which guarantees a long lasting extreme styling without damaging or weakening the hair. The Creatine and Panthenol help to repair and protect hair, giving a healthier look. The Jojoba and Avocado oils moisturise and make hair shiny and soft. Doesn’t leave the hair stick or greasy. Shiny effect. Leave no residues. Read more.

Origine e benefici dell’Olio di Avocado

Originario dell’America centrale, l’Avocado (Persea americana) è un albero appartenente alla famiglia delle Lauracee che raggiunge un’altezza di 5-15 metri. Il frutto della pianta è di colore giallo-verde.

Il contenuto prezioso dell’Olio

Dalla polpa del frutto della Persea americana si ottiene l’olio. Il suo contenuto, ricco di vitamina A, E e B e di composti insaponificabili, rende l’olio particolarmente emolliente e nutritivo.

Origin and benefits of Avocado Oil

Native to Central America, Avocado (Persea americana) is a tree belonging to the Lauraceae family that reaches a height of 5-15 meters. The fruit of the plant has a yellow-green colour.

The precious content of the oil


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