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Embracing a philosophy, knowing it thoroughly and making it your own is a choice that takes you far.

The choice

Choosing a brand for skin and hair care does not only mean using its products, but also training to perceive its soul and be able to release it. It means loving the environment, respecting the hands of the professional, the leather and the skin of your client. It means being Philip Martin's Concept Store.

The Concept Store in Bilbao: the interview

“Selling a different lifestyle, which is reflected in all the work we do - explains Zuriñe Rodriguez - is the basis of our business. Our idea is that when a customer chooses us, he admires the product and our entire salon and for this reason we bet on Philip Martin's ”. This is how Zuriñe Rodriguez of Campos Peluqueros, in Bilbao in Licenciado Poza 69, presents himself.

When did you become a hairdresser or a beautician?

“I started late in the world of personal image, when I was 20, which makes me happy because at that age you have the clearest ideas. I come from a family of great image consultants and thanks to them and the teachers I met along the way, I grew up as a professional and as a person ".

What kind of clientele does Campos Peluqueros welcome?

"Loyal customers who never disappoint and are committed to the brand, advising and motivating other customers to try our brand".

How did you get to know the brand?

“Thanks to our previous teacher, who wanted to stand out in the world of the image. Supported by his professionalism, the team and Philip Martin's we have managed to transform ".

What difference does "Made of Italy" make?

"A cosmetic product designed and manufactured in Italy differs from others in quality, reliability and technology".

What is the product that "connected" you with the brand at the beginning?

"Scalp Nutriment Spray: when we started working with the line I had a big fall, due to postpartum, and thanks to the brand and Scalp Nutriment Spray I had a big improvement".

Which product do you like best?

"Scalp Benefit because it is a hydration that does not weigh down the hair, helps to balance the scalp and provides great relaxation thanks to its freshness".

Which products have the greatest impact on your customers and why?

"We live in a very humid environment and this causes many alterations to the scalp: with Calming Wash, Purifying Wash, Scalp Benefit and Scalp Nutriment Spray we help our customers, who, finding benefits, require the same treatments".

What Philip Martin's product do you always carry with you and why?

"Everyday Hand Serum: hands in our profession deteriorate with temperature contrasts and the hand cream protects and soothes my skin".

Would you like to reveal a trick you use in your work?

“After some time and several attempts, we finally managed to create a dark brown using only Philip Martin's Henne. In the first phase we apply the mixture of Tiziano and Caravaggio, after the exposure time we rinse and apply Miró, obtaining darker hair ”.

What do you think is Philip Martin's best performing product?

"Deco + is an excellent quality product: a small quantity is enough to obtain a great result"


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