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The choice of a body cream is an individual decision, not only for the fragrance, but also for the result you want to achieve.

Do you need to hydrate? Reshape? Improve circulation and feel your legs lighter? Or simply feel beautiful and bewitch others? Philip Martin's created performing products taking in consideration every need. Let's check these products together.

Hydrating while stimulating the senses

Nourishing the skin is fundamental: the cream softens and provides beneficial substances that penetrate deeply. Philip Martin's combines well-being with sensorial experiences, enchanting the sense of smell and making the skin velvety.

The products that moisturise and fascinate with a their non-invasive fragrance are:


Body Cream

Body cream to moisturize the skin daily. The formulation is enriched with emollient and nourishing ingredients. Leaves the skin delicately scented with refined woody fragrances and Agarwood spicy resin which is a typical sensual and mysterious Middle East perfume. Find out more


Body Cream Hydrating

The victory of softness in a body cream with a strong moisturising power. Shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe extract and maple juice make the skin velvety and soft, intoxicating the sense of smell. Find out more

Body regeneration

After exercising, but also after a hectic and stressful day at work, we need to take care of the body and make it regain balance. There is no better solution for this than a shower and a beneficial massage with body cream! Philip Martin's products that help regenerate the body are:


Refreshing Body Cream

Hydrating body cream enriched with oil extracts which leaves the skin refreshed and toned. Recommended after sport activities. Find out more


Nourishing cream

Soft and silky cream that gives extreme nourishment to the skin thanks to its precious oils and butters. The synergy of highly receptive microelements revitalizes and energizes the skin making it resistant and strong. Find out more


Foot and Heel Cream

Fast absorbing soft cream. Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, it helps prevent the most common pathologies of the feet. The soft texture is suitable for foot massages. A daily application is recommended to prevent heel dryness. Find out more

Remodeling and toning the body

Reshape, tone, elasticize, lighten and ease tiredness: these are some of our body's requirements. The heat, holidays, difficult periods, and sometimes even daily life lead to greater accumulations of fat, cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs. It is therefore essential to increase our search for well-being: Philip Martin's range of products are designed for these needs.


Hot Gel

Hot gel with hyperemising action that stimulates blood circulation and skin metabolism, thus reducing localised edema and adiposity thanks to the activities of chili and ginger. It has a reducing, vasotonic and antiedematous action. Find out more


Shaping Cream

Cream with a reducing and firming action, useful for treating the areas where adipose accumulations are more frequent. With a warming action, it stimulates the circulation even in areas where there are advanced stages of cellulite. Find out more


Tonifying Cream

Cream with remodeling, toning and elasticizing action that gives vigor and shape to the silhouette. Revitalizing for dull, dehydrated and glowless skin; is rapidly absorbed and is excellent as final cream for the toning body treatments. Find out more


Cold Gel

A cold cream gel specific for the treatment of swollen legs which show the first signs of cellulite. Ideal for a draining action and for the removal of excess liquids. Supplies relief to the legs. Find out more

The fascinating beauty

It is always the right time to fascinate, especially in those special evenings when we are looking for a little extra something that could make the difference. Philip Martin's offers a cream that gives benefit to the skin, a real "magic wand" that gets your skin tanned in no time:


Self-Tan Body Cream

Velvet skin with an intoxicating scent. With a particular easy-to-apply texture, Onlyou is the fast-absorbing self-tanning body cream. The skin will become golden coloured, natural and uniform in a short time, leaving the body hydrated thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. Find out more


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