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Being a Philip Martin's Concept Store means embracing a philosophy, a way of working and also bringing a Made In Italy brand everywhere. In Lille, France, at 15 Rue Des bridges de comines, there’s Antoine Robin’s salon: an environment that evokes the choice of organic ingredients’ story, mixed with Green chemistry, in a sensorial combination that inebriates you as soon as you cross the threshold.

The interview

Antoine Robin, owner of its namesake Philip Martin’s Concept Store, has been a hairdresser for 15 years, since his passion has become his job, his business.

How did you meet Philip Martin's?

“Thanks to the agent: I knew him and I knew he was aiming for quality. When he came to the salon for the demonstration, I had no doubt in choosing the brand”.

What is the initial product, the one from which it all started? And what are the products you love the most today?

"Organic Base Color was the first product: a new way of conceiving coloring. Today I love Infusion Cream for its soft protection during drying, 3 Ways for hairstyles and Hair Mud, the re-mineralizing paste that supports the hair and at the same time allows you to proceed with any styling. 3 ways, in my opinion, is the best product as it is the most performing one: what it can do is incredible”.

Why did you choose to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store?

“For the quality of the products, for the philosophy of the company and the organic ingredients. Made in Italy is Philip Martin's surplus: it is a brand that carries quality, sensitivity and pleasantness in its products ".

Which products have the greatest impact on your customers and why?

“All those that concern coloring. We are always looking for products that do not hurt, but rather give support to skin and hair: Philip Martin's is able to satisfy both needs, bringing color but also well-being ".


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