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Knowing how to choose: the interview with Mauro Trimigliozzi

To be successful, a brand must be identified and recognized. A brand collects, in an image and in a name, a series of choices made by the entrepreneur and his team to make the customer want and trust. Philip Martin's every day invests in Branding for a consistent and transparent growth of the company.

The origin of the Brand

In 2010 Mauro Trimigliozzi founded Philip Martin's and decided to give his company its name by combining that of his two sons: Filippo and Martina. The third son, Tommaso, gives his name to the children's line “Tommy Baby”. The logo contains the future: like the growth of the three children, Philip Martin's also looks to the future with an eye in the center between two intertwined hands. And today if you think about tomorrow, you think about the world. "I wanted there to be a soul of continuity - says the president of Philip Martin's - hoping that my children will decide one day to carry on my idea. I wanted my children to grow up with products that did not cause dermatitis, alopecia and many other problems ".

The differences of Philip Martin's

Far Branding means making choices every day, building a corporate reputation that gives the consumer confidence and loyalty.

What were the turning points of Philip Martin's?

“We have been able to say no - begins Trimigliozzi -. We have not accepted to enter the pharmacy, in the large-scale distribution (large distribution). We have chosen not to push online sales, preferring direct contact with beauty salons and hairdressers and not promoting promotions or discount plans. Being loyal, from the start, led Philip Martin's to have great credibility: the continuity, the promise kept, meant that there was a return, that people came looking for a real product ".

During the COVID pandemic, how did you manage not to stop, to grow anyway, even though the shops were closed?

"One of our mottos is" we do not want to please everyone, but a few "- explains Trimigliozzi - and this sentence contains the company leitmotiv: Philip Martin's is a multipurpose company that has products for all skin with a single brand . We have chosen to put the four main ingredients on the packaging to tell the essence of the product to the end customer in an immediate way, the packaging has become eco-sustainable (PET) giving a sensoriality that transpires as soon as it is touched. We have chosen to continue to maintain relationships with our customers, using distance: we were the first to do webinars, starting from the first lockdown. And then we invested in research: with Cosgenetics we have made great strides, inserting growth factors in a new line (Em’Age) and formulating new protocols for the face (My Face) and for the body (MyBody) ".

The future of Philip Martin's

Making a choice then means reaping the rewards. Philip Martin’s will achieve many goals this year: in June it will open Saint Maritane, a Louis Vuitton-branded shopping center in which Philip Martin’s will be a single-brand store for hair and skin care.

But the collaborations that are being sealed in this period are many: Philip Martin's will be present in some exclusive Italian tourist clubs and will be the reference brand for a luxury residence in Milan. In short, the future will hold great surprises. Stay Tuned.


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