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The must have Anti-aging Skin Care Products

Our face skin is the most beautiful dress we wear. It reflects our habits and the changes and challenges we have faced over the years. This is why a radiant, smooth and uniformly colored face proudly tells us a beautiful story.

This is also the reason it is so important to maintain a healthy face skin and to look young and toned on any occasion.

An ageless youth

It is essential to always live in harmony with our own age. Skin aging is a completely natural and inevitable process, but it is possible to fight and slow it down with quick, targeted and effective cosmetic solutions.

Philip Martin’s has studied the Em’age System line , which gives an immediate result when our face skin needs to regain brightness, firmness and tone.

Em’age System

The future never gets old

The Em’age System line is the result of an innovative cosmetic system owned by Philip Martin’s: Cosgenetics.

A synergy between science, technology and nature that allows to obtain high quality results in the treatment and care of the face, neck and décolleté.

Em’age System reactivates and regenerates the dermis, reaching all its layers and fighting against the thinning and the loss of skin tone, whilst relaxing the small wrinkles of expression that appear over time. The result?

The skin of the face appears regenerated, relaxed, compact and surprisingly younger.

Touch the future to live

a wonderful present

The Em'age System line consists of four products, being the result of the continuous research of Philip Martin's laboratories: the Em'age Serum instant facelift serum, Em’age Eyes and Lip and Em'age Cream.

For a professional Em’age treatment Philip Martin’s recommends visiting a Philip Martin’s beauty salon. The outcome is immediate and can be enhanced with the use of specific technologies.

To increase the obtained results in the cabin or for a home daily skin care ritual we have dedicated three of the four products of the Em’age System line:

Em’age Serum

Facial serum with extraordinary efficacy and lifting and anti-aging properties. It minimises the muscle contraction due to expression wrinkles and it helps reduce dehydration and loss of tone by giving the face a smooth, well-groomed and radiant appearance.

To apply Em’age Serum, distribute a few drops on the face, neck and décolleté and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. Avoid the eye area.

Em’age Eyes and Lip

The eyes and lips are often the first areas of the face that lose brightness and freshness. Philip Martin's has created a specific emulsion in cream with a relaxing and plumping effect, that is ideal for smoothing the dark circles under the eyes and the first wrinkles of expression, giving a new youth to the face.

Apply Em’age Eyes and Lip in the eye and lip area twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Em’Age Cream

The action of the serum is enhanced by the use of the face cream, a successful combination with great and visible results. Em’age Cream is a face cream with immediate filling, anti-aging and lifting effects. Hyaluronic acid, peptides in cosmetic drones and growth factors make this emulsion a product that restores elasticity, tone and hydration to the skin of the face.

When the skin has completely absorbed the Em’age Serum, apply Em’Age Cream on the face, neck and décolleté and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

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