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Those who choose Philip Martin's do not do it just for once: the brand embodies a philosophy that is embraced forever. The quality, the choice of raw materials, the performance are the benefits that the company gives to the customer: details that are told right from the threshold, when you enter a Concept Store. In Paris, at 17 Avenue George V, stands Cercle Delacre.

The choice

Opened in 1990, the Cercle Delacre was designed to specifically meet the new needs of men in terms of care and well-being. The only institution completely dedicated to men in the area, the Philip Martin's Concept Store combines aesthetic treatments, which use the latest technologies, new discoveries in cosmetology and ancestral body care techniques.

The store

Cercle Delacre is developed in a space of 650 square meters: consisting of two floors and structured by screens and transparent fluid curves, the spirit of a "Club" is experienced inside. Rare essences and noble materials enhance the volumes in which white marble, tobacco-colored leathers, polished chrome and glass predominate.

The peculiarities

Cercle Delacre's team is made up of 30 professionals, specialists in the latest trends and techniques in hair care and beauty treatments for men. The service offered includes more than 35 different treatments, but also a hammam, a sauna, a relaxation room, a valet service, a shoe shine and a restaurant. The restaurant area, exclusive to the institute, offers freshly made dishes and desserts.

Personalized listening, irreproachable hygiene and adequate and efficient care make the Philip Martin's Concept Store a flagship of the Parisian market.

The interview

The businessman tells about your favorite products in an interview.

Which product "connected" you to the brand first?

"Hair styling waxes: with high performance, they allow you to create sublime hairstyles, moisturizing and nourishing".

Which Philip Martin's product do you like best?


Why did you choose to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store?

"We were among the first in Paris: we liked to present new products to customers and have the" Made of Italy "brand which is synonymous with creativity".

Which products have the greatest impact on your customers and why?

“INFINITO, for the perfume”.

Which Philip Martin's product can you not help but use and why?

"Hair Mud to discipline the hair is the best".


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