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The Philip Martin's Concept Store: PATRIZIA MANIAS

The Philip Martin's philosophy encompasses a world that starts from the ingredients, the environment and thru a binding relationship with the end customer. The Concept Store retraces fully this way of living and designed to express the potential towards a global customer service and it well recognizable for its Italian quality, design and craftsmanship. It is made with only materials obtained from eco-sustainable supply chains for the well-being of the customer and the professionals. The Concept Store is an ambient which is best organized for those who work in it and extremely pleasant for those who attend in it.

The London Store of Patrizia Manias

In Covent Garden (20-22 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JJ) and in Clapham Junction (289 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1LP) there are two Philip Martin's Concept Stores: the salons of Patrizia Manias. “Born from the heart of the fashion world, Milan, the PATRIZIA MANIAS brand is continually recognized for dictating trends, cutting-edge hair treatments, styles and balayage in and around London”: says the owner of the same name. Having grown more and more as an entrepreneur, Patrizia has always had Beauty Empowerment as her ethics: "Enhancing beauty aims to make people confident in their look and that's what I've always aimed at". Patrizia is a great lover of the brand and knows her products very well: in the interview she talks about her preferences and her encounter with the Philip Martin's brand.

The interview

How did you get to know Philip Martin’?

"I wanted high-end Italian brands and after researching I came across Philip Martin's and I organized a meeting with the British distributor Laceys. Since both the brand and my salon come from Italy, I strongly wanted the identity of it to have the same origin and it to be also perceived from the outside as well. The Concept Store must allow me to communicate this sensation as soon as you walk in ".

How is the Made in Italy perceived?

“Makes the brand stand out from all other competitors and even my shop, coming from Italy, is seen as something which is simply different"

What is the Philip Martin's product that you always carry with you?

“Sea Salt Spray - great for styling. But I also love the excellent performance of the 3 Ways which detangles and gives great volume. Other great products are the Free It, Re-Mersive Blu Rinse, Olive and Aloe and Jojoba Oil ".

What products do your customers love?

“The treatments, masks and conditioners which obtain immediate results They are simply crazy about them ".


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