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Recently in the Philip Martin's family, but with a great initial love, Janire Gurtubay is the owner of the Spanish Concept Store, located in Ugao, Miraballes, Bizkaia. Passionate about organic and natural ingredients, she offers the Italian brand to a heterogeneous clientele within a small town of Bizkaia.

The interview

Having become a hairdresser by vocation, Janire Gurtubay tells her story in an interview, in which she also reveals some tricks with Philip Martin's products.

When did you become a hairdresser or a beautician and can you briefly tell us your story?

More than 20 years ago, it was my calling from a young age and I did training as soon as I was old enough to enter professional training.

What kind of clientele do you have?

I have all kinds of clients, as I am in a small town within Bizkaia.

Do you want to tell us about your first meeting with Philip Martin's?

After the lock down, my salesman took me to the training center in Bilbao and gave me a demonstration. I immediately loved the products and their compatibility with my vision of cosmetics.

What is the product that "connected" you with the brand at the beginning?

There were several: the hair treatment products and their Henna.

Which product do you like best?

I love the Sea Salt Spray and 32 Pure Essential Oil.

Why did you choose to become Philip Martin's Concept Store?

I find it interesting to get the most out of a house and not show dispersion to the end customer: it creates a bond of greater trust.

Which products have the greatest impact on your customers and why?

Henna is the result of Murumuru butter on the hair.

What Philip Martin's product do you always carry with you and why?

Sea Salt Spray for comfort to the scalp and the volume it gives.

Which type of customer would you say is the most difficult and why?

The client of the weekly hairstyle. Usually older people who don't want changes.

Do you want to reveal a trick?

I use Ultimate Gel and Sea Salt Spray before starting to shape the scalp. Gives volume and finish to the hair, as well as moisturizing the scalp.

What do you think is Philip Martin's best performing product?



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