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The product used by a hairdresser reveals a lot about his professionalism: it tells about the experience, the goals you want to achieve, but above all it highlights the philosophy embraced. Philip Martin's Concept Stores unleash their essence as soon as you cross the threshold: the inebriating scent of organic ingredients embraces the customer, who then finds himself lulled by products with very high performance. In Villava, Spain, in Plaza sancho VI el Sabio, 8 Bajo, stands Maria Ongay Estilistas.


Maria Ongay, owner of the Spanish salon in Villava, chose to become Philip Martin's Concept Store after falling in love with the quality of Henna.

When did you become a hairdresser? How did your passion begin?

" When I grew up, I decided what I wanted to be, I chose hairstyling: I started studying and I still study and train today to continue to evolve. I have been a professional for 15 years now."

Why did you choose to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store?

"Because I fell in love with the products and their quality: the results on the hair are great."

How did you get to know Philip Martin's?

"I learned about Henna: a product that interested me and that was not commonly used by hairdressers. It was there that I wanted to learn more about the brand and then took the path to becoming a Concept Store."

In addition to Henna, which Philip Martin's product do you prefer?

"Infinito, the Protective and Repairing Oil that moisturizes, repairs and protects. It is the product I use most and love it so much."

What is the Philip Martin's product you always carry with you and why?

"Scalp Benefit, the purifying, refreshing and soothing mask for scalp and beard. I love the fresh feeling it brings."

Do you want to reveal a professional trick?

"Mix Miró with Picasso, the two shades of Henna, to improve consistency and therefore application."

What is Philip Martin's best performing product?

"The OBC-Organic Base Color ."


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