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Hands, touch, perfume, product quality and professional knowledge: these are the pillars of the success of every hairdresser. Philip Martin's supports every entrepreneur in all steps with training and with the proposal of products of excellent quality that mix organic ingredients with green chemistry. Becoming a Philip Martin's Concept Store is the consequence of a path and a philosophy.

In Toulouse, in the Spanish region Gipuzkoa al Eskolapioen lorategia n3 bajo, Philip Martin’s Concept Store is owned by Nagore Ileapaindegia.

The interview

Nagore Ileapaindegia became a hairdresser at the age of 23: after having worked and gained experience in two beauty salons, she recently decided to open her Concept Store. In an interview he talks about his path and his choices.

How did you get to know the brand?

"I searched the internet for organic lines: I wanted products compatible with my philosophy of life and, when I came across Philip Martin's, I chose to immediately call the contact number to arrange a meeting".

What is the product that "connected" you with the brand at the beginning?

“It's hard to say just one: since I opened as a Concept Store, I've started working with all the products and I can't choose just one. They are all of sublime quality and with valuable benefits that I would not really know how to choose ".

Which products have the greatest impact on your customers and why?

"Definitely the coloring for its naturalness, but also all the shampoos and styling products for their scent and texture".

Can you tell a professional makeup?

"The customer appreciates the experience and the service when they notice the personalization and exclusive attention"

What do you think is Philip Martin's best performing product?

"The three Organic Base Color, True color and Henna colors: allow me to obtain a more personalized and effective result for each client".


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