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The treasure contained in the "forbidden" herb: The Hemp

Since its discovery, Hemp has always been very precious. Its origin comes from Asia , western China and northern India. It is of very ancient cultivation: the first traces originate back to 10 thousand years BC and were found in hemp fiber fabrics. In Asia it had become widespread since the eighteenth century thanks to the shipping trade: its use included fuel oils, animal feed, fabrics and bags. In 1937, however, its cultivation was banned: in the USA by the Marijuana Tax Act. In Italy, only the cultivation of cannabis sativa is allowed and the indica cannabis is forbidden. Even if prohibited for many years, a legal way has been found to make use of it for normal tobacco use. The main reason due to its return in the market is due to the fact that Hemp contains precious substances which are very interesting for chemical and nutritional performances . Philip Martin's has chosen it as the main ingredient of two of its new products.

The benefits

It is a source of mineral salts (phosphorus and iron) and vitamins (group B, A, E). Hemp is also rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and 6 and has strong antioxidant properties, is an excellent de-stressing, regenerating, revitalizing , emollient and does soften hair.


Philip Martin's makes use of Hemp in its shampoo along with a specific de-stress treatment.

Canapa Wash

De-Stress Shampoo

The aromatherapy touch that brings back vitality and softness. The sensory shampoo stimulates hair growth, restructures with Hemp extract, revitalizes with Guarana extract and fights free radicals with Red Vine extract.

Canapa Rinse

Maschera De-Stress

The wild scent which removes the stress. The aromatherapy path that combines benefit with pleasure. Canapa Rinse is the restructuring mask which gives extreme shine to the hair.


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