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Philip Martin’s is par excellance a Made in Italy brand. The brand, therefore, depicts the culture of the country, its craftsmanship tradition, its erudite knowledge, telling the story of how organic ingredients, green chemistry and high performance match together perfectly.

This concept is enclosed in many salons that have chosen to become Philip Martin’s Concept Stores. In Vienna, one of those salons that illustrates the concept is Reemotion, located in 154 Wiederner Haupstraße Street.

The choice

Reemon Paulus is the entrepreneur who opened the Philip Martin's Concept Store: “ We from Reemotion together to Spirit of Care - he says -have opened a complete Philip Martin's Concept Store, starting from analysis to creation. We were looking for and we found solutions on the starting point, sitting around a table after work and discussing for hours and hours in front of a pizza how to implement our vision ".

The interview

Reemon Paulus recalls some anecdotes from his salon in an interview.

Who are your main target clients?

My clients are show business people, people that are working in television sector, classical musicians, but also many regular people.

Which was your first approach with Philip Martin’s? How did you get to know the brand?

I got to know it through an agent, who is also a friend. After a first phone call, we sat down and talked.

Which product first won your heart?

My colleagues and I tried the hair colors, the True Color products, and the Shine Rose finish.

Which product do you love the most?

There are many, too many: I can't choose.

Why did you choose to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store?

I like the products and I love the people behind the product. I have a special relationship with the people who work with Philip Martin's here in Austria.

What difference does "Made of Italy" make?

When it is written "Made in Italy" on a product, people get curious, pay attention and ask for more.

What are the products that have a higher impact on your customers and why?

The Shampoos and Styling products: first they fall in love with the scent and texture and after trying them, they realise how effective the products are.

What is the Philip Martin's product that you always carry with you and why?

At the moment I always have a Hygien It, considering the current difficult circumstances, but also for the scent and because it leaves my hands feeling soft.

Who is the most difficult customer and why?

We don't have difficult clients, we have only special people in our salon. All our customers are extraordinary people and we take particular care of them. We tend to their hair, scalp, skin and their beauty. Thanks to Philip Martin's we have an answer to all our customers' wishes related to hair, skin, hair color, beauty and well-being.

Can you reveal a professional secret?

We do not use tricks, but precautions. We leave our lives outside the salon door and we focus on the only important person: the customer and his/her needs. We welcome our clients warmly, we take them on a salon tour in order to create an unique experience for every client, we celebrate the product, and in this way they realise that we are using something special for them.

What is Philip Martin's best performing product?

Shine Rose for styling: the perfume, the oil contained in the product is fantastic. Every woman should have it in her handbag.


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