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The well-being of the body skin after detoxification

The sun, the salt, the pool chlorine, but also drinking more than usual and taking quick showers are frequent habits when we go on vacation. After the holidays, the mind is relaxed and ready for a fresh start, but the skin shows signs of suffering: flaking, dryness and gray colour are some of the symptoms that indicate toxins accumulation.

What can we do about that? Philip Martin's suggests a home detox treatment that will restore the beauty of your skin.

Why is detoxing important for your skin?

Toxins are waste substances of cellular metabolism that travel across the venous and lymphatic blood circulation system: the tissues get filled by them, causing stress to the skin and making it grey coloured. The sun also thickens the skin, a phenomenon called hyperkeratosis. If the additional layer that is useless after sun exposure is not removed, the skin begins to dry out and flake off.

How can we stimulate the detox process?

In addition to the cosmetic treatment, Philip Martin's also suggests breathing deeply, taking long walks that help the drainage, drinking plenty of water and laughing. Laughter is a great natural remedy that improves our well-being.

Detoxify and moisturise the skin: the home care protocol

Any cosmetic treatment requires a deep cleansing: the active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply if the skin is well cleaned. Cleansing therefore elevates the performance of any Philip Martin's product.

1 Exfoliation

Apply Body Scrub on dry skin: spread a small quantity of the product on the feet, legs and abdomen. If necessary, dilute the product with a small amount of water.

On the back part of the body, apply the product up to the buttocks. Massage with small circular movements from the bottom to the top to help blood circulation.

2 Cleansing

With wet washcloths or in the shower, remove the scrub following this order: feet, legs and abdomen.

3 Rebalancing the skin

Cloud Booster Tonic is Philip Martin's product with a dual function: booster and tonic. Its active ingredients balance the pH of the skin, giving an immediate hydration effect.

Sea Salt Spray, recommended for skin prone to seborrhea, soothes the slight irritation of the skin, giving relief. In the areas where there is a greater stagnation of liquids and fat deposits, the nebulization is indicated.

4 The hydration

Cashmere Cream gives tone and elasticity to the skin, making it stronger and offering a sensorial experience. The active ingredients penetrate deeply, giving strength and leaving it soft and silky.


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