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Professional beauty treatments of the highest quality and sensory paths for well-being and respect for the unique characteristics of the person.

Philip Martin's world is dedicated to the Salon, to Aesthetics and to the contemporary SPA made up of professionals who think that history has to be written, where experience is nothing more than a security to face a future to dream, to live and to to write.

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Different without


“When I started, I had a very specific goal: I wanted to create different items with different ingredients.

I thought of creating first of all a product that would protect those who use it every day, then hairdressers and beauticians, and ensure that their hands and their health were respected ": this is Mauro Trimigliozzi, creator of Philip Martin's at tell the company's mission. Philip Martin's brought innovation, guarantee and safety to the range of articles dedicated to wellness. Naturalness is combined with the best know-how for the continuous search for formulas with high quality standards and characterized by a green chemistry that excludes harmful and toxic substances. The Italian origin is a guarantee of excellence, the highest quality and unrivaled aesthetic research.



Train to Excite

Creating, thrilling and knowing are the keys of Philip Martin's training, which works alongside the hairdressers and beauticians to increase the background and skills. The growing challenge of the future can be only embrace by training.

The Constructive Dialogue

Philip Martin's academy welcomes many trainers and more professionist: a group that gives way to grow together with other peers, in a constructive confrontation that allows you to work on yourself, increasing your confidence and awareness of your inner strength.


by wellness


The eco-sustainable Concept Store

The unique design, the attention to detail, the eco-sustainability of the materials: the Philip Martin's Concept Store is a functional and welcoming workplace, designed to work well and live better.
Designed to express the full potential of global customer service, it is globally recognizable for its quality, design and Made of Italy realization.
Following the Philip Martin's philosophy, the Concept Store is built only with materials from eco-sustainable supply chains, without toxic chemical components, with the utmost respect for the health and well-being of the professional and customers. A place best organized for those who work and pleasant for those who enter it, where time flows in a profitable way and the climate is jovial. Wellness is everywhere with Philip Martin's.

The Alternative


The Future Key

After the product, Philip Martin's created a system that gives the opportunity not to have the traditional salon. The Concept Store is the important point to start together with the customer towards an alternative path that encompasses the well-being of the professional and his client in a single environment.

The Sensory Breathing

The quality furniture, created in Italy, and the enviroment where you can breathe sensoriality and fraganses: these are the Concept Store characteristics, designed to make you feel the familiarity of your own home inside a wellness center. The approach to the customer changes, evolving from the strictly commercial one.

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Distinguish for not


Philip Martin's, an uncompromisingly successful brand, where choices are shared with those who love beauty, where details are our stimulus for continuous improvement, where the success of our Partners becomes our pride, our passion, our personal spark for a future to be told. A vision that does not chase the trends of the moment but that seeks the emotion of taking care of oneself in the right times today, tomorrow and always.

It's just a matter of



We are Waiting for You.


You are a hairdresser or a beautician who wants to combine styling with wellness?

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