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The Philip Martin's branded products are available for the professional use thru our active official distribution assets. The retail products are available in hair salons, spas and official web on-line sales channels which operated by our distributors on their official web pages.
Any dealer not communicated through our home company emailing system upon specific request must be considered as "NON official" dealer. Any products purchased thru "NON offical" channels and especially through on-line could probably be offered cheaper than the original products but could not be the original ones and could have been badly stored, expired, tampered or produced with unknown ingredients and could be harmful to your health. In such cases the brand Philip Martin's could not be held responsible in anyway and for any whatsoever damages created by the use of such products on people. If you should in anyway notice Philip Martin's products sold outside of any of the official sales channels or if you have purchased a product which you may think is counterfeit please contact us immediately through our mail The information you should transmit to us would be kept and treated as highly confidential and would help us keep the highest standards on our products and grant our clients the best of quality. Do please contact us before purchasing any Philip Martin's products which seem counterfeit!

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